Eirene Hunter Animal Artist

After leaving Glasgow School of Art where she qualified as a textile designer, Eirene worked for the United Africa Company as a studio designer.

Marrying a Naval Officer meant a change in her life and she travelled the world with her husband and two sons, tackling any art oriented job that came her way from teaching to painting scenery for the stage. Two years in the United States of America gave her the opportunity and time to start her career in animal painting, a subject always close to her heart. She not only exhibited in the United States but also gained recognition as an animal painter working on commission.

After returning to Britain she developed her own particular style of oil painting in which the animals appear in a natural setting - gun dogs working in shooting country or portraits of champion bulls on their owners' farms. The animals she has painted include many champions from both sides of the Atlantic - cattle, horses, sheep and dogs; but many are well loved pets or ponies who have no claim to fame.

The secret of her success is the time she spends actually working with the animals, studying their behaviour and expressions and getting to know their characters, thus being able to portray them in their natural settings as alive as if they were actually there. Her fine sense of colour makes the painting a treasured possession and a wonderful record of the subject.

As her work is mainly on commission Eirene has only a few original paintings for sale at her studio where Visitors are always welcome, by appointment.

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